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Headache Medicine

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Headache Medicine

While everyone has a headache from time to time, persistent head pain may require medical attention. HealthyU Clinics provides comprehensive headache medicine services at offices in Glendale, Gilbert, Mesa, Surprise, Chandler, Avondale, and Phoenix, Arizona, to address cluster headaches, migraines, and others. The experienced physicians can prescribe headache medicine to treat pain and lower your risk for additional headaches. Call the HealthyU Clinics office near you or book an appointment online today. 

Headache Medicine Q & A

Why would I need headache medicine?

You may need headache medicine if you have persistent or recurrent headaches that interfere with your daily routine. The HealthyU Clinics providers can diagnose and manage several types of headaches, including:

Tension headaches

Tension headaches result from overly tight muscles in your back and neck. The pain of a tension headache can range from mild to severe and affect both sides of your head.

Cluster headaches

Cluster headaches cause severe pain behind the eye on one side of your head. In addition to severe pain, you may also have eyelid swelling, watery eyes, and nasal congestion.

Symptoms of cluster headaches can last for weeks or months at a time before going into remission.


Migraines cause intense throbbing pain in the head. You can also experience nausea, vomiting, and increased sensitivity to light during a migraine.

Migraine pain and other symptoms can last for several hours or days and interfere with your ability to be physically active.

When should I schedule a headache medicine consultation?

You can schedule a headache medicine consultation at HealthyU Clinics if you have headache pain and symptoms you can’t manage. You should also have a medical evaluation if your head pain worsens even with home care or if a headache develops suddenly.

Your provider diagnoses the type of headache you have based on your symptoms, the location of your pain, and your overall medical history. 

They may also order blood work or other diagnostic tests to check for underlying health conditions contributing to persistent headaches or migraines.

What type of headache medicine will I need?

Some headaches are manageable with over-the-counter medications. If you’re not finding relief for your head pain with these medicines, the HealthyU Clinics physicians can prescribe pain relievers and medications that prevent the onset of headaches and migraines.

 You can also make lifestyle changes to reduce your risk for additional headaches. For instance, you should avoid known migraine triggers like certain foods, smells, and poor-quality sleep.

Getting regular exercise and practicing stress management techniques can relieve excess tension in your neck and back to prevent tension headaches.

Call the HealthyU Clinics office near you to schedule a headache medicine consultation or book an appointment online today.