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Sports Physicals

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Sports Physicals

Sports physicals are an important part of athletic safety and ensure you and your children are physically capable of playing your favorite sports. HealthyU Clinics offers comprehensive sports physicals for adults and student-athletes at their offices in Avondale, Surprise, Mesa, Phoenix, Gilbert, Glendale, and Chandler, Arizona. The providers assess all aspects of your health and offer resources that help you optimize your performance in the game. Call the HealthyU Clinics office near you to schedule sports physicals for yourself or your family, or book a consultation online today. 


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Sports Physicals Q & A

What are sports physicals?

Sports physicals are a preventive screening children and adults should have before they compete in sports each season or before starting a new sport.

The goal of the sports physicals available at HealthyU Clinics is to ensure you’re healthy enough to play specific sports. These visits also allow the providers to recommend strategies you can use to enhance your performance in the game and protect yourself from muscle sprains, ligament strains, and other sports-related injuries.

When should I schedule sports physicals?

Many organized sports programs require that a sports physical is completed as part of their registration process. Even if it’s not a requirement, the HealthyU Clinics physicians recommend that you have a complete physical before starting practice or participating in games.

You or your child should also have a sports physical if you wish to play a new sport but have underlying health issues that may interfere with your health and safety.

To ensure the providers complete your physical and provide the documentation needed for registration, you should contact HealthyU Clinics several weeks ahead of any deadlines. Be sure to bring along any medical forms the physicians need to complete.

What happens during sports physicals?

During your sports physical at HealthyU Clinics, the practitioners review your personal and family health histories. They also ask you questions about your lifestyle, diet, exercise routine, and the sport you plan to play.

Your appointment also includes a comprehensive physical exam. You may also need blood work or other lab tests so the providers get a complete picture of your health. If you’re in good physical and mental health, the physicians fill out required medical forms and can recommend strategies you can use to improve your performance in sports.

If the physicians discover an underlying health issue during your exam or if you have an existing health condition that can put you at risk during sports, the providers can discuss your options for moving forward. For instance, if you have asthma, you may need to take medications to keep symptoms well-controlled. The providers may also recommend that you avoid certain sports that can trigger severe asthma complications.

Call the HealthyU Clinics office near you to schedule sports physicals for you or your family members, or book an appointment online today. You can find the patient forms here, as well as the steps to follow to schedule your appointment.